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Magia Mask  Magia Mask    

Marco di LauroMarco Di Lauro was born in Como on 15th April 1969.
He has loved painting and drawing since he was a boy and from the beginning of the 1980s he dedicates himself with a greater interest to all that is concerned with the art of creation.
His first works are studies in black and white, then he begins to master the use of color.
In search of his own style, he undertakes sculpture, using a porous material that he can shape as he likes.
At the beginning of the 90s, after a travel to Venice, he decides to project his fantasy and imagination in the making of masks.
In his city he is the only artist who is seeking alternative artistic languages, trying to join Venice and Como in an only symbiosis, using the rough masks of the lagoon city with the silk and cloth made in his city.
His works are increasing and they are a reassessment of dream-like sensations that cross into surreal and imaginative atmospheres, keeping firm roots in the tradition of the Venetian mask makers.
In his masks his study of the past emerges. The effects of gilding and color are realized by an elaborate technique, based on the laying of acrylic colors or enamel, while the decoration is obtained by the technique of the gold leaf and the rilievo.
That’s the way to make a mask and its costume original.

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